Abahsain Services

Our Services Includes:


Abahsain electric, works in the fields of importing and trading of electric components, also supply governmental sectors, construction contractors and individuals with electric equipments such as electric tubes. Lambs, electric equipment, electric generator, etc. also has worked as a main supplier for RASTANOURA sea port for all foreign companies that had been working in oil export.


As the world continues to advance into the future, plastic engineered solutions are becoming an arising need for infrastructure facilities like water, energy and power distribution, for telecommunication networks and industrial applications in our economy.

Industrial and residential designs have undergone radical changes during the recent years, consequentially in innovative and challenging construction methods. Such new configurations necessitate evenly innovative plastic engineered solutions.

The versatility of plastic pipe systems has made them the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications for Drinking water, Gas, Sewer, Cable protection or conduit, Hot and cold water, Heating and cooling and Industrial systems. The economic and environmental benefits achieved by plastic pipe are an outcome of features including: zero corrosion, increased flexibility, durable and tough material, leak-free joint fusion, light weight materials, easier installation and rehabilitation, higher flow-rate properties, greater lifetime expectancy, hygienic and clean delivery, environmentally sound products, cost-effective components and industry-tailored options. Plastic pipes are the ideal products for today's extensive continuum of commercial, residential or industrial sector applications for withstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals, heat and pressure. This increasing demand led to the instigation of Alwaled Plastic plant in 2003 at the second industrial city to support the Saudi local markets with manufactured electrical related products.

Our products reflect international standards, quality, accuracy and durability in every facet. With our commitment to excellence, we have set standards to inspire others to follow, with this aspiration to lead.

Furthermore, to ensure customer satisfaction the company provides technical advisory services with assistance before and after sales.


This section has been established to complete the frame of services provided, which include the implementation of telephone central systems.


SAB has extended its business outside of the kingdom as an international investor since 1985, mainly in the field of Industrial, and commercial activities related to electric, plus real estate, in this regards SAB is proud of having major shareholders of the main petrochemical company in Spain, located in Cataluna.


SAB works also as a client of saudi arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), supplying saudi aramco with petrolum related materials. SAB currently is expanding business to the services sector, to include provision of exploration and production services.

Petrolum services provided by SAB include offshore and onshore drilling, seismic, magnetic and air borne surveys, etc.


General Tarde

Salah H. Abahsain Group activities include also general trade through marketing of several items, commodities and products such as food items, construction materials, petrolum and petrochemical products in the local and international markets.

Land Development Projects

Salah H. Abahsain Group (SAB) is engaged in the execution of many private projects such as lighting works, water and swerage networks, building construction, energy and infrastructure projects.

Real Estate Development & Investment

Salah H. Abahsain Group (SAB) is working also in the field of construction, development and marketing of land and real estates, we execute buildings, architectural projects, commercial residencial and industrials , these projects are executed by highly qualified and experience staff. The group actvities in this field includes:

  • Real Estate survey and planning according to recognized international standards
  • Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure projects
  • Execution an
  • Execution and construction of commercial and resedential projects.
  • sale & marketing of real estates


Salah H. Abahsain Group (SAB), having top expert in the various fields of business development and investment provides consultation services for individuals and provate companies, these consultation services is supported throgh the group's associates and partners on the local and international levels.