Chairmans Message


Dear Friends,
Sailing back to 1958 s, I still remember Abahsain Group starting business with only one office in Dammam as if it was yesterday. Abahsain Group has moved through monumental stages from its inception, growth, and expansion. Today, the Group is expanding into global markets; and with a clear vision and a dynamic team, Abahsain Group has managed to be one of the major players in Saudi economy. The core of this success has always lied in our winning corporate culture; that promotes growth and fosters innovation; and our a customer-driven strategy, that is guided by quality, creative solutions, and a never ending search for better ways to serve our clients.

We have faced many challenges in our journey to excellence and we have been always competent enough to surpass them. Maybe the biggest challenge I see today is the digital era we are living in and which, in my opinion, is characterized by increased globalization and customer-orientation. Businesses all over the world are now propelled to think aloud and to be more and more creative to meet and exceed the expectations of demanding customers. Saudi Arabia, itself has witnessed and is still witnessing major development activities in many sectors such as the real estate, manufacturing, trading, and education to name a few. With our feet firmly on the ground and our sight far beyond the horizon, we will continue to be a partner in this development.

We celebrate Five decades of booming operations. We celebrate our team, who always manages to exceed all expectations. We honor our commitment to quality, our vigorous involvement in the community, our continuous investment in technology, and above all, we celebrate the lively spirit of innovation that has proved to be the binding thread that makes Abahsain Group what it is today."

Salah Abahsain